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name :: Morria
birthday :: January 18th
hometown :: Wichita, KS
spouse :: Ragon
children :: None - yet
college :: Indian Bible College
major :: Missions/Cross Culture Studies

color :: brown, blue, bamboo green, purple, & black
movies :: Lord of the Rings 
tv shows :: Desing on a Dime, NCIS, Naked Archologist
music :: Leper, White Colar Side-Show, Clannad, Darkfield Illumantior, Moya Brennan, Rich Mullins, Iona
books :: In His Steps (Sheldon), The Bible, God Speaks Navajo (Wycliff),

As both a member of  the Christian Goth sub-culture and a Missionary, Morria stands at a unique cultural cross road.  As a Missionary to the Navajo her main job is to share the Love of God with Navajo children and youth.

Outside of missions, Morria enjoys activities like camping, drawing, dancing, writing, volleyball, and spending time with family and friends.